We need to talk about Mi-Y


So the problem isn’t that Milo (a) acts transparently gay; (b) hypocritically opposes LGBT+ rights and even tells them to “get back in the closet” while he himself is as far outside the closet as anyone perhaps in history (so apparently he’s exempting the élite and their lapdogs like himself!); (c) doubly hypocritically attacks his own Muslim counterparts (i.e. “weird cultural conservatives”) on the charge that they, like him, oppose LGBT+ self-expression! (while leftists interestingly practice an opposite hypocrisy, indicative of an opposing cultural imperialism); or (d) shows a soft spot for pedophiles. In all these respects, he’s just your garden-variety Anglo-conservative.

No, the specifically monstrous, inhuman thing about Milo is that Milo brags openly that he has defended and covered up for pedophiles of “very young boys”, most notably among the Hollywood élite not to mention his own (at the very least euphebophile) priest, a fact he carefully omits from his (already hopelessly qualified) “apology”, and that in so doing he formally continues to defend and cover for specific pedophiles whom he says he knows but then doggedly refuses to out!

But to see the bigger picture, one must simply admit that Milo cares far more about staying in-character for his assigned role as the “more-sophisticated-than-thou” destroyer of innocence and culture, than he cares about his own reputation. And the reason for this is that, like known pedophile and one-time crypto-Jewish “Neo-Nazi” Frank Collin, Milo Yiannopoulos stands for nothing, is on the payroll of the military-industrial élite, serves their ends, and at present that apparently means doing everything possible to fulfill the narrative of Sayyid Qutb and the Muslim Brotherhood about the decaying West. Milo is the agent-provocateur par excellence, the best friend the leftist crowd (who, in the words of the Joker, are merely “ahead of the curve”) ever had!

P.S.: Akin to the experience of trying to listen to listen to Mi-Y himself, it’s both funny and horrifying to watch the alt-right divide themselves between those who pretend Milo was never that big a deal and those who pretend he didn’t say what he said both defending and protecting the Hollywood élite who daily rape some children physically and nearly all first-world children mentally. This of course ensures that they will be the last generation on earth who even pretend to conservatism or character. Humanity is screwed, and it wouldn’t be possible without the controlled opposition neocon/ZioNazi “right” that at this point seems to derive a pleasure too twisted for even your average prostitute to imagine, from flaunting its hypocrisy with zero shame anymore.

Great job, Trumpsters: by dancing to every dissonant tune your masters put out there, you’re playing your part in our scripted downfall better than the élite could have ever dreamed!



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