The Legion of Muhammad?

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INTRODUCTION. In vain do these (of course highly paid) ‘Legion shills’ pretend to compartmentalize LC devotions to God, LC devotion to Maciel, LC hierarchy, LC secrecy, and LC abuse—defending one while condemning the other. The issue really is that any ‘meekness and humility’ that is selectively directed toward the rich and powerful is obviously worldly, carnal, egoistical and diabolical—not Christological. With good reason is she given the archdiabolical title of ‘Legion’: she offers nothing of reform to the Holy Mother Church of Rome. At best, she claims to oppose ‘Communism’ and ‘Freemasonry’ but refuses to oppose their quadruplet evils Zionism and Modernism.* On this point the Legion identifies herself as the true daughter and heiress of the Nazi Party. She admittedly offers no new ‘Spirituality’ (i.e. ‘Subpath within Roman Catholicism’), ‘Charism’ (‘Spiritual Gift’) nor ‘Apostolate’ (‘Ministry’).

CASE IN POINT 1. LEGIONARY ‘SPIRITUALITY’. She claims her ‘Spirituality’ is ‘strictly Christocentric’ (her attempt at slighting all foregoing Orders, Congregations and Charisms, which she also blatantly misrepresents to boot, though her technique [like her apologetics, Q.E.D.] is fanatically ‘Macielian’ [an intentional play on ‘Machiavellian’] and light-years away from anything remotely Christlike. [We could start off with the ‘sensus legionis’ os such Christian building blocks as ‘Love’ and ‘Charity’, but I’ve already done a video on that: ])

N.B.: For comparison on this last point (i.e. lofty rhetoric belying base methodological [heck, even ideological] exemplars), see not only Nazism (Google ‘Transfer Agreement’) but also Islam. Moreover, the Guadalupe narrative also borrows some of its most emotionally moving plot points from Islamic teachings, specifically the apparition to Juan when he attempts to avoid apparition, which also happens to Muhammad in the Islamic tradition. And to top it all off, you have the heady Islamic influences on the chief figures of the original Counter-Reformation movement, upon which we know the Legion bases much of her appeal.

CASE IN POINT 2. LEGIONARY ‘APOSTOLATE’. Also tellingly, the Legion claims her ‘Apostolate’ is ‘nonspecific’ (in the sense of ‘unlimited’), but what they do in practice is to ‘lawyer up’ to prey on budding apostolates like FAMILIA (in much the same way they like to prey on ‘budding apostolics’, Q.E.D.!). Her only sincere concern, God forbid, is amassing money and power.

CONCLUSION. FAITHFUL (‘ORTHODOX’) CATHOLICS ARE SITTING DUCKS because Legionspeak™ and Legionkultur™ are fine-tuned with the goal of snowing them with void impressions and shameless flattery. The Legion DEMONSTRATES EVERY INTENTION NOT OF REFORMING JACK SQUAT (whether within herself nor much less within the Church) BUT RATHER OF BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM by creating networks for the ‘leaders’ (i.e. the élite inhumanitarian and criminal class) by slapping a Christian crucifix on the most sordid of enterprises, with her own institute being a mere sampling of these.

* On November 2, 1917, the Balfour Declaration was signed, granting swaths of the British Mandate of Palestine to the Zionist Kibbutzim. Five days later the Bolshevik Revolution broke out. In 1948, the USSR was the first power to ‘de jure’ recognize the State of Israel on May 17, 1948. They say blood is thicker than water. Can it be that atheistical socialist Jews work together regardless of whether they advertise themselves as ‘nationalist’ or ‘globalist’? DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

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