‘Beware the loner!’


For the individual in isolation, practicality means thinking for oneself. For the member of society, contrariwise, practical necessity dictates sharing those sentiments and signaling those virtues–and even the word virtue here means not ‘strength’ but a ‘weakness’ (sincere or strategic?) for one’s fellow man–that are readily acceptable to the intellectually flatlining, subliminally subdued herd.

Yet this blogger finds that the most treacherous socialites and the most avid social climbers are also the best at acting very urbane and debonair (for the femmes) while showing a macho face (to the butches). The accomplished socialite is so often also a predator (and certainly if nothing else a charlatan) that I would offer the shorthand Socialitism is depredation.

How gently does the farmer make the earth his slave, and how deftly does the internationalist make the masses his! For the pseudo-alpha social cultivator, as for Jung, there is no existential individual but only Types.

Yet similarly the seasoned follower (yours truly) begins to perceive patterns and types among these dazzling misleaders, and this of course is where the tail begins to wag the dog and the perennial nobody, heretofore encumbered by actually being the deep thinker and scrupulous observer that the formula leader plays for the audience, like every underdog, eventually has his day, a day that is shared of course by the legitimate interests of the common man in general.

Against such a day, the best lie the social engineers ever told us was to Beware the loner!

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