Scientism, Religionism and Plain Reality

YouTube doesn’t allow “annotations” anymore, but see below for reference chart


  1. Whereas ‘dark’ matter is invisible to the human eye, black holes are actually ‘black’ to the human eye. I mistakenly said black holes were invisible.
  2. Obviously a cryptid stops being a cryptid once enough literate people observe it.


  1. I would liken the body to a car you drive. As with different drivers, different souls identify to varying degrees with their shells. If someone’s soul/mind is absent often due to trauma-induced demoralization, we say they’re a shell. I was nothing but a shell until recent years. They called it autism. Cannabis helped me come out of my shell. But ganja or no, I’ve just never known why I had to tow the empire line and pretend it wasn’t laughably convoluted and corrupt. I merely lacked the words to call out the culture codependency and conspiracy that had me logistically hemmed in for most of my life, and the evidence suggests they would have had me lobotomized or worse to silence my voice, perhaps not unlike what happened to JFK’s sister. Frankly, I’m trying to learn about permaculture and earthships so I can become fully food independent, preferably underground and fully undetectable.
  2. To strengthen the earlier point, the Upanishads call the soul “a flame the size of a thumb”, which of course recalls to mind the “pilot light”!

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